Double Braid Polyester - white options

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Purchase 100% Australian made Double braided rope here. Large range of colours and diameters available. Double braid polyester rope can be used for most applications. It is the highest quality of all the dynamic ropes we sell. It is very soft on your hands. More resistant to wear, weather and UV than other ropes, and holds up particularly well in marine applications.

From the low stretch and impressively high strength of our Double braided rope to the maximum strength-to-weight ratio,  we have the industrial double-braided rope to suit your needs. Our Double Braided rope is known for its top-quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and steadfast dependability. When you choose one of our ten specialised double-braided rope designs, you choose state-of-the-art fibres, expertly engineered strength and elasticity specifications, and superior wear life. Whittam Ropes has been at the forefront of custom innovation. Pioneers in synthetic fibre development, the experts at Whittam Ropes have been setting industry standards.